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Tips For Bringing Excitement Back Into The Bedroom


Now we are entering the new year why not introduce some sex toys to the bedroom and take away the January blues.

With so much for the modern couple to choose from however, where do you even begin? Below is a round-up of some of the most popular sex toys in the UK.

Vibrators for women

According to a recent survey carried out on 7,500 people, vibrators for women are still the most popular sex toys. Of those surveyed, 44% said they prefer a traditional vibrator, followed by rabbit vibrators and then wand vibrators.  

While most people said they use theirs in the bedroom, other popular places for a bit of play include the bathroom, living room and kitchen.


According  to  the  survey,  the dildo  is the UK’s  second most popular toy.  While the saying,  ‘size matters’  has  been  thrown around since the beginning of time,  the research actually

appeared to confirm that this isn’t necessarily true.

The most popular size for a dildo was in fact the second smallest at six inches. This was followed by seven inches, eight inches, five inches and then nine inches finished at the bottom in fifth place.

When it comes to when we like to use our sex toys, three-quarters of respondents said they used their dildo most at night, 19% during the day and only 6% do so in the morning.

Vibrating eggs

It may not be the first thing that spring to mind but vibrating eggs also feature highly in the list of the UK’s most popular sex toys. Only falling behind vibrators and dildos, it would appear as though these toys are more common than people realise.

You may also be interested to know who are the UK’s naughtiest residents. Earlier this year, the country’s sex toy hot spots were revealed and Oxford was found to top the list.  This was followed by:

·       Crawley

·       Durham

·       Chester

·       Edinburgh

·       Walsall

·       Birmingham

·       Cambridge

·       Carlisle

·       Lincoln

Sex toys for men

While the industry has traditionally been aimed at the female market, data published in the Independent ( shows that male sex toy sales have risen by a whopping 1,000% over the last 10 years.

With sex toys for men becoming increasingly popular, this is what male respondents had to say about the subject:

·       51% said they own a sex toy

·       78% say they would consider buying one for solo use while 22% said ‘no way’

·       70% think they should be able to buy a male sex toy without feeling embrasassed about it

·       69% would be happy to let their partner use a male sex toy on them

·       Just 4% of respondents said they thought the idea was weird

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